Archiving Services

Do you have some old tapes or records with family members talking, singing, playing music, or telling family histories? How much would it mean to your family or friends to be able to share those memories?

Let us convert your old cassettes, microcassettes, 78 RPM records, Home Made Phonocord records, old LP ref dubs, 8-track cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, – you name it – to Digital Audio CD.

Our collection of vintage playback machines is constantly being maintained and kept in top-notch working order. Your source media is set up, aligned, and played back and transferred in our digital recording environment. Your original media materials remain unharmed for speedy return to you.

After the audio is transferred, it’s the perfect time to enhance your new digital audio files. We will brighten and clean up the sound, maximize the level, and then cut it directly to CD.

Don’t delay this any longer! Every day, those old tapes and records continue to decompose. Sooner than later, they won’t play anymore. Let’s preserve your family’s heritage and history forever.