Audio Recording Services

Audio Media Services and Wake Robin Recording have been open since May 1985

This business has been built on the basis of a successful 20 year Los Angeles music career. An opportunity to relocate and raise a family prompted a change in direction, and Oregon has become home.

When we opened, the wheels began turning from the first week. I’m proud and blessed to do what I do. My focus is on relationships, excellence, and music with form, beauty, social and moral redeeming value.

Here’s some of what we can do for you
  • Music and voice recording/ in studio and remote
  • Music Creation/arranging and production
  • Sound effects/ for film, drama, advertising
  • Advertising Jingles/ TV/ Radio commercials for local/regional national network and cable
  • Editing/Assembling of music CD’s for dance/theatre performance
  • Voice/music messages production for Message-On-Hold systems
  • Courtroom minutes audio tapes/ quality improvement and transfer to CD
  • Music and songwriting/ Artist workshop/ studio design/consultation