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Message On-Hold for Veterinary Practices

Waiting to hear your voice!

When a family pet caregiver calls for help or information, your first impression must be your best. All incoming callers need to know that your practice is a vibrant, relational and loving entity, offering true compassion and excellent care for your family pet members. Now, just imagine being able to initiate this kind of relationship with every incoming caller — all day long….

Audio Media Services provides veterinary practice-specific Message-On-Hold, using your staff members voices speaking to the callers. How does it work? Scripts are recorded and then voiced over the phone. Production is completed, and sent to you for insertion into your phone system’s MOH playback unit. Easy, fast, simple

This is the ultimate in Veterinary Practice image marketing. When the caller hears the voice of a DVM, LVT, practice manager, tech, groomer, or office staff person, they instantly enter the world of your practice. A staff person talks about your mission statement, teaches about recent research, informs about facility upgrades, new personnel or expansion, reminds about seasonal FAQ’s and pet needs, explains symptoms for the caller to watch for, reports newsletter updates, website updates, the list goes on—-and all of this happens while the caller is in your captive environment, waiting for the call pickup.

And, – after all – – they are waiting to hear your voice!

Gary Rowles - Message on Hold Specialist
Message from owner Gary Rowles