Message On-Hold Service

Audio Media Services – Message-On-Hold since 1989.

Here’s why our Message On-Hold works!
  • Over 80% of all business calls made in the U.S. are put on hold.
  • 60% of callers to a business who hear silence will hang up before the call is picked up.
  • 88% of callers to prefer personalized on-hold messages and will listen to the content of the message.
  • 14% to 20% of callers make purchases based on information obtained while listening to messages.
  • 94% of a typical business’s marketing and advertising budget is spent on trying to convince a potential client to call the business, yet only 6% is spent on first impression communication once the call is answered. The client calls, and then typically hangs up!
  • The average on-hold time for callers to a business with 2 or more line phone system is 35 seconds.
  • Callers to a business offering information on-hold will listen for up to 3 minutes.

When someone calls your place of business, the first thing they want is – are there ‘real’ people here, eager and anxious to meet my needs? The real question to you is – how to ensure a great first impression?

We provide a position-related, personalized message on-hold service, using your company staff members to record the prompts – from your place of business, right over the phone!

When the caller on-hold hears the voice of a staff person talking, they immediately enter your world. Your employees, managers, or owners mention details about upcoming special promotions, tell the caller something about their job description, and thank them for calling. Immediate personal contact.

All of this happens while your caller is waiting – in a captive environment – for someone to pick up the phone. Remember, you already have their attention – they called you – so make sure that they can get to know you from the beginning of the relationship.

  • Soft sell your best market – the people who called you!
  • Build corporate image – Let your staff communicate directly with your callers!
  • Increase Customer Service – Give personnel-delivered information to callers while they’re waiting.
  • Promote Your Business – Provide FAQ info, locations, business hours, sales, delivery, or credit policies.
  • Keep people listening – Reduce loss of callers and loss of business – when you talk, they listen longer.
  • Eliminate Competing Advertising – Remove the radio and your caller will never hear a competitor’s ad.
  • Custom copy-writing and music included – We work directly with your marketing department to ensure credibility, voice coaching, and script flow and syntax.
  • A variety of musical styles – Our music library includes a variety of styles – plus, a seasonal music update during the Holiday Season.
  • Reliability – Our preferred MOH players utilize digital flash disk memory for repeated playback, 24/7. If you have a power outage, the player will automatically reload. No maintenance hassles.
  • Updates are easy – Forget the hassles of a cheap CD player. To load the new production, simply remove the flash drive, download/ drag & drop, insert the flash drive – Presto!
  • No Additional Fees or Licenses Required – All of our music and voice talent production is royalty free – no worry about the legalities.